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Image by Sheelah Brennan

Important Information

Do I need to bring anything?

Yes, actually! 

Books and stories have shaped us and still play an incredibly important role in our lives. We want to share our passion for them by hosting a book exchange at our wedding. Yes, we are nerds. Pretty sure you knew this already! 

We would like to ask you to participate by bringing with you a book (fiction, non-fiction, graphic novel, cooking book, whatever!) that has had an impact in your life. We'd love it if you could include a little foreword as to why the book is special to you.

The books will be collected by our amazing wedding planner, Blanca, when you arrive and displayed in special stands. Then, throughout the evening you can browse the books brought by other guests and select one to take home with you!

And if you can't decide, you could always close your eyes and let fate choose for you. Things can get interesting if you relinquish control.

What do I wear?

Dress code is Cocktail. This means either long or short dresses, dressy trousers and jumpsuits, or a suit trouser and blazer (tie optional). 

The ceremony - and the drinks immediately preceding and following it - will take place outdoors in a garden so please wear sensible shoes. Dinner will be in an air-conditioned room, as will the party afterwards where we plan to dance all night long. Feel free to change into your comfy shoes when the disco starts! 

What will the weather be like? 

Miranda will make many divine offerings to try to guarantee nice weather and comfy temperatures, but until she works her magic, we'll have to settle for a good guess-timate.

Mid-July in Barcelona usually means very hot days (30-35 degrees) and balmy nights (20-25 degrees). We recommend light, breathable materials - maybe a light cotton or wool, or perhaps it's time to press your fine linens - and possibly a light jacket for the evening!

How do I get to and from the venue?

There is parking at the venue if you would like to drive yourself. The venue is 15-30 minutes from Barcelona so a taxi is also possible.

We will provide a shuttle service between the venue and Barcelona, with one pickup from a central location in Barcelona to the venue at 17:30, and at least two return trips to Barcelona between midnight and 04:00.

Kindly drop us a line with where you plan to stay so we can triangulate the best drop-off location.  Further details will follow.

Our wedding planner, Blanca, is helping us prepare our day.

If you have any concerns or anything you don't wish to
contact us with, please contact her directly:

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