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Miranda & Mike 

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We have compiled some useful information about our wedding on this site, including travel info, the day's schedule and much more!

Please use the navigator at the top of the site to reach the different sections and don't forget to RSVP !

Our Story

In May 2019, we met on a balcony in Cannes overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, a magical night where we bonded over a shared passion for stories, jazz hands, and sugary fruit-based cocktails, before realising that we had more in common than first expected. Two souls with a curiosity for each other and an instant, undeniable connection.


Thus sparked the love affair that led us here, via Salou in July 2023, where we got engaged on a different balcony overlooking the same sea. Where we laughed and danced as the sun set.


Though our journey has been filled with joy and happiness, it is also true that life is not always as glamorous as an early summer's night in Cannes, and it's winding path has taken us through periods of forced separation and brought us face-to-face with tremendous loss. In those times of darkness we have always found light and strength in each other.


So, as we begin the next chapter and officially commit our lives to each other, we are beyond grateful to have you, those whom we hold dearest, at our side. Thank you, from the bottom of our heart. We can't wait to celebrate with you!

xxx M & M

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